Subjective Papers

Are news media as objective as they claim to be? That was a question that arose from my fascination in conspiracy theories, pseudo-events and adventure. What if conspiracy theorists are right? And is there a huge cover-up of certain facts? What seems to be true is that certain events are framed, not to scare the public. This is nothing new, but considering the media we surrounded with each day, each hour, every minute we seem to be more potentially vulnerable to subjective news coverage. Since Trump has been elected president there seems to be a tendency that you can say whatever you want. But what is true? That seems to be subjective too, but isn’t everything subjective? The so claimed objectivity that news media try to strive for is a fetish absurdity that literally isn’t true. If you don’t believe in objectivity, that is.

My thesis is based on the above and mentions that people will believe anything according to their beliefs what truth is, if they are not critical to the information presented. In the time of misinformation, you should be critical to every source and find out what your truth is and how you are framed. As a designer it is my duty to conform or to oppose certain truths depending on the assignment. To do this as an expert you should definitely know your way around these subjects and know how to visually and audial persuade consumers. Wember’s scissors is an example of how this can be done in news.

Wember’s principle.


As this is only part of my research, since I’m a designer a logical conclusion has to come in visual form. My assumption was that people are easily manipulated by framing using Wember’s scissors as well as other techniques. That seemed to be true, because there is always only one focus, the visual or the audio. My conclusion needed only visuals since I am a visual communicator. The result is a cohesion of the thesis and my visual research. By using my own consistency I try to made a believable story with found footage of news media, but complementary my subjective meaning about certain issues that are not addressed because they are not easily visualised. The bigger the issue, the more difficult it seems to be visualised. There is an opening for me as a visual communicator and hopefully changes the perspective on persons that aren’t taken serious, for instance conspiracy theorists.

My thesis on truth. Wat is waarheid nog waard in een tijd van post-truth en selectieve articulatie? (What is truth worth in a time of post-truth societies and selective articulation)

News medium only focused on the visual.


Visualised process.